X Video games Actual BMX 2021

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If there’s one rider we’ve always wanted to see an X Games Real BMX video part from, it’s Courage Adams. Anyone who has watched one of his videos or follows him on Instagram knows he has the most unreal bike control and balance, creating mind melting lines. 2021 is the year, and he’s teamed up with his go to filmer Rafa Alvarez A.K.A Rafael Black who always delivers behind the lens. Check out just what they cooked up for you over in Spain!

Watch Courage Adams and filmer/editor Rafa Alvarez’ entry into Real BMX 2021, the all-video BMX street contest brought to you by ESPN’s World of X Games. Vote at http://www.XGames.com/RealBMX, and check back during X Games 2021 to find out who won.

Music: “Surface Impact” by Eaters”

X Games Real BMX 2021 – Jake Seeley

X Games Real BMX 2021 – Felix Prangenberg

X Games Real BMX 2021 – Julian Molina

X Games Real BMX 2021 – Broc Raiford

X Games Real BMX 2021 – Chad Kerley

Kink BMX Contender II
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