X Video games 2021 – BMX DIRT

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The 2021 X Games have begun! This year they changed up the format from the massive stadium style contests, and brought it to a smaller scale in a few key locations. The BMX Dirt and Park contests are going down in Pat Casey‘s backyard, A.K.A the Dream Yard with the street contest going down at the CA Training Facility. Watch the LIVE STREAM for the BMX dirt contest right here!

Watch the livestream of BMX Dirt LIVE at X Games 2021.

How It’s Judged:
1 heat of 8 athletes in a 30-minute jam session. Competitors will take as many runs as they can within the 30 minutes. Riders are ranked 1-8 based on overall impression. Judges will rank competitors throughout the contest.” – X Games

(Note this could change prior to contest if an injury or something else occurs)
– Andy Buckworth
– Pat Casey
– James Foster
– Jake Leiva
– Kevin Peraza
– Jaie Toohey
– Bryce Tryon
– Colton Walker

Kink BMX Contender II
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