Win The World’s Most Costly BMX

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Every now and then we get an interesting email that is different than what we normally see. Paul Aston sent through a link and details about a raffle that he’s doing with “the most expensive BMX” in the world. Now, this is not actually the most expensive BMX bike based on the parts list, but it is a custom 22″ S&M Holmes that is decked out with a ton of great parts and is definitely worth some money. This BMX bike is the first bike of many that he plans to do raffles for. It sounds like there are a few different mountain bikes that Paul has in the works for future raffles. You can learn more and enter the raffle on this RAFFALL WEBSITE with each entry costing £5.00 (about $7 USD). The raffle ends on Saturday, 10th July 2021 at 12:21.

Below you can find a full parts list and another video giving even more detail on the bike!

The raffle is live for my BMX – probably the most expensive steel BMX in the world!

Thanks to everyone for the support so far!

Follow the link to Raffall for the full details, specification and to get your tickets!

If you don’t fancy a new BMX, but want to help with the journey, please head to my Ko-Fi page, any donations welcome!”

Parts List:
S&M Holmes Custom BMX, 23″ TT
S&M PitchFork XLT 22″
Faction 22″ 36 spoke wheels
Faction F22 22″ x 2.2″ rear tyre
S&M Holmes Mainline 22″ x 2.4″ front tyre
Profile Racing NoBoss Cranks
S&M Enduro SweetLeaf stem
Profile Racing Mid BB
Odyssey Chase Hawk grips
Verde integrated headset
Odyssey Slic Cable
Eclat Stroke half-link chain
Verde Regent Bars Chrome
Shimano DXR brake
Odyssey Tripod post and saddle

S&M Bikes 22

What do you think? Are you going to enter the raffle? Let us know in the comments below!

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