Vauxhall Trails Jam 2021

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Vans Dak Slip On BMX 750

The Vauxhall Trails over in the U.K threw a jam the other weekend! Here’s a highlight video packed with a look at the riding and good times that went down. Unfortunately the rain shut things down early, but it looks like they got plenty of footage before that to make this video! Hit play and enjoy!

Vauxhall Jam was a good day, but unfortunately got cut short due to the usually tricky British weather. And by cut short I mean a torrential downpour which led to the jumps being unridable and everyone huddling under the tarps. Nevertheless, Parky, Tom and the whole crew have a solid spot and the days they open their spot to everyone is always with welcome arms. Can’t ask for anything more!

Video: Martin Grainger” – Ride UK

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