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Vans have teamed up with Steve Crandall‘s non-profit RADshare to help get kids on bikes with the proper gear, along with a place to ride their bikes! Here’s a look at what went down at an event earlier this spring showing what RADshare is about, along with a look at some of the kids who have benefitted from the program so far. This is awesome to see, so get on that play button and take a look at the good that is happening!

Vans, the original action sports footwear and apparel brand, is proud to present the Vans x RADShare Project, a short video highlighting Vans’ ongoing partnership with the Richmond, Virginia-based nonprofit to uplift local underserved communities and empower more kids to ride BMX. Timed around Go BMX Day this July 20, 2021, the Vans x RADShare Project was designed to drive participation.

Earlier this year, Vans team riders Trey Jones, Perris Benegas and Marshall “The Major” Gehrke spent time at Richmond’s Gillies Creek Park, where RADShare was founded in 2019 by BMX community leader Steve Crandall. RADShare’s mission since inception is to create a safe, accessible BMX culture through developing shared spaces, educational workshops, gear donations and advocating to close the opportunity gap. Vans teamed up with RADShare to support this effort, providing one-on-one experiences for local kids to ride with BMX pros and get dialed in with new footwear, as well as helmets and bikes.

“Having fun and getting people stoked, for me, has always been the essence of BMX and the communities I’ve been a part of,” said Steve Crandall, RADShare founder. Bringing that level of fun and accessibility to a younger generation of riders is what Crandall and RADShare thrives on.

Through Vans, that vision has been strengthened by ongoing event, athlete and product support. This year, donations of new Vans footwear stoked out local kids at the Vans x RADShare ride day. Coming full circle, the first recipient of RADShare’s BMX bike donation program was able to nominate his friend to also receive a new bike, as well as a new helmet and Vans.

“Sitting on the roll in of the pump track and looking around at the faces, it was easy to measure the success of this collaboration,” Crandall said. “Together, we are building a more inclusive and supportive BMX community.” – Vans

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