Undergrind 1%

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You can’t go wrong with some fresh footage from Barcelona! Here’s a new mix featuring a ton of riders going to work all over the city, along with some bonus tweaker footage, for your viewing pleasure. As expected, the riding is super good and the spots are top notch. This is a real good watch, so take a peek!

Some of you with your ear close to the ground will have been waiting on this one. After moving to Barcelona from Argentina two years ago Martin Thomas and his clothing brand just released a gem, with the help of filmer Santiago Arano. Undergrind 1% features a massive squad of dudes either from, or passing through Barcelona – Joram Van Dyjk, Alessandro Donnagio, Miki Fleck, Mini, Simone Barraco, Max Bergmann, Jaume Sintes, Ema, Martin Thomas and just to name some. This is some high grade visual entertainment for sure. Make sure to give @_undergrind a follow.

Filmed and edited by one of Barcelona’s finest, Santiago Arano. ” – DIG

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