Unclicked Podcast – Corey Walsh

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The Unclicked Podcast is back with a fresh one! Corey Walsh makes his fifth appearance on the show, and this time he goes into depth talking about coming out and the whole reason behind why he finally made the decision to let the world know. This is a real interesting listen, so hit play and take it all in! Stoked for Corey and the huge amount of pressure off his shoulders.

Got an unscheduled/special episode of Unclicked for you. Corey Walsh recently made it public that he’s gay. While he may not be the first openly gay rider in the history of BMX, he is the first major pro to come out at what is considered to be the peak of his game. I truly believe that Corey’s story, message, and outlook are important for everyone to hear. Be nice to people, because as Corey makes clear, you never know what they’re going through…” – Our BMX

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