Trey Turner – No Sleep

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Whenever we see Trey Turner‘s name pop up, we know we’re going to be in for something awesome. Here’s his latest BMX video filmed over the course of the past 7 months packed with lines and combos filled with grinds and ridiculous amounts of nose balance. We don’t see a ton of hang fives or nothings these days, but fortunately Trey always delivers with a bunch of them! This video has a real chill vibe due to the music, but don’t let that fool you… Plenty of heat packed into this one! Not too many videos have a full blown hype man intro, either.

The filming process of this video has officially came to an end and here is the result of being in the streets for 7 months! Filmed all over Ohio, I wanted to clock footage on every ledge in site! I knocked several tricks off in this video that I’ve always wanted to do and had a good time adventuring new spots in Ohio. Some nights I do lay there and keep myself up with the thought of tricks I want to film, and most cases it keeps me up longer just getting excited about making these certain tricks happen, that’s why this video is called “No Sleep”. Stoked to finally share this with everyone! Shout outs to Danscomp, Verde Bikes, Mayhem Supply, Richies Chicken, and Rips Licorice, you guys hold me down and I appreciate all of you for supporting me. This is just the start!! Music : Hermès by Nk Music” – Trey Turner

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