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We’re always stoked to check out the latest Unclicked Podcast. This time around Tom Dugan sits down to tell a bunch of wild stories, talking about sponsors, social media and more. As you all know by now, Tom is a super entertaining guy, so you already know this is too good to pass up! Hit play!

Tom Dugan didn’t want to do this podcast. He was in San Diego for a week filming for a new Odyssey project and wanted to stay focused on riding, which is totally fair. Buuuuut, a polar vortex hit Texas and his flight got cancelled two days in a row…so shout out to that freak storm and thanks to Tom for existing. I love this man.

0:00​ – Intro/old man wants to cut his legs off
4:10​ – Trail Nazi video/early youtube
14:50​ – Austin / Terrible One / Being annoying
20:15​ – Crazy human interactions
31:52​ – Running from cops on the way to X Games
36:30​ – “I got some work ethic, for sure”
41:40​ – Spot eyes/filming perspective
50:40​ – Tom’s confusing living situation
55:20​ – “BMX is a lonely sport”
1:00:55​ – Love advice from Tom
1:03:35​ – Joining Fit/leaving T1
1:05:01​ – Brad Simms and Fit situation
1:09:10​ – Being a social media child of Aaron Ross
1:14:05​ – Walking away from setups / Instagram Q&A
1:21:00​ – Being light as feather
1:28:00​ – Crazy interactions/dr pepper/dave Parrick
1:35:08​ – Empire BMX and their impact
1:39:04​ – The giant bars / wrap up” – Our BMX

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