The Shadow Conspiracy – Bjarki Hardarson “Simply Cannot Do It”

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The Shadow Conspiracy coming through with a fresh video featuring Bjarki Hardarson going to work on a bunch of street spots. Although he took a beating on some of these clips, it’s safe to say it was worth it with the bangers packed into this. Check it!

Bjarki Hardarson has made his mark in the streets from the US to Iceland. “Just Can’t Do It” documents the hard work and effortless steezy style of one of our favorite up and coming riders. Bjarki isn’t afraid to go big or throw down on a technical line.
Keep your eyes on this one because we sense bigger things and no slow down from Bjarki Hardarson.

Edited By:
Bjarki Hardarson

Filmed By:
Benedikt Benediktsson
Birkir Georgsson
Gunnlaugur Steinar Halldórsson
Jabe Jones
Jona Jahchan
Kittrell Eberwine
Lewis Colascione
Mark Burnett
Nikó Ierokomos-Svansson
Tim Schoberth

Thanks to:
Arnaud Mauler
David Schaller
Jona Jachan
Subrosa Brand
The Shadow Conspiracy” – The Shadow Conspiracy

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