Supply BMX Battle of the Manufacturers 2

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The Source BMX Battle of the Brands 2 riding videos coming through with the good stuff! Here’s a look at Odyssey‘s riding video featuring Travis Hughes, Justin Spriet, Gary Young, Broc Raiford and Jacob Cable, with Zach Krejmas and Scott Marceau holding it down behind the lens! As expected, Odyssey brought a ton of dialed riding to the table and plenty of laughs. Get on that play button to check out all 13 minutes of goodness.

SOURCE BMX: ODYSSEY Riding Edit 2021 / Battle of the Brands 2
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@Odyssey BMX
Travis Hughes
Justin Spriet
Gary Young
Broc Raiford
Jacob Cable
Zach Krejmas
Scott Marceau

Roland Jones – “Blast You”
MassAppeal Beatz – Vatos Loco EP” – Source BMX

Kink BMX Contender II
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