Stuart Gibson – Lip Lords

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Vans Dak Slip On BMX 750

If you’re looking for some dialed ramp riding, this new Stuart Gibson video will do the trick! Some of the clips Stuart originally filmed for a Lip Lords contest, but he ended up with a solid edit from all the clips. We’re not sure what took so long for the footage to make its way online, but we’re glad it did. Take a look at what Stuart threw dow!

Over a year ago now, the guys over at the Liplords Instagram page held an online game of B.I.K.E. and I was up for joining the challenge! I ended up with a collection of clips I wanted to add on to and make a self-filmed webvideo showcasing some of my riding at my ‘new’ local park. I never got close to finishing it but came across some of these clips recently and decided it had to be released regardless, so here it is!” – Stuart Gibson

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