Stacked BMX – Brant Moore Welcome Video

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Here’s some sponsor news for you. Brant Moore is now riding for Stacked BMX Shop! Here’s his welcome video to bring the news packed with a bunch of creative and original riding from a bunch of parks, street spots and more. Hit play and take it all in! After that, check out a video where Brant and Stacked’s owner Larry Alvarado talk about the shop, Brant being on the team and more!

First, a massive thank you to Stacked for the opportunity and believing in what I’m doing enough to want to support it wholeheartedly. From the conversations we’ve had so far, the values of Larry and Stacked run very close to mine and the hard work everyone involved puts in is evident. I’m stoked on this and stoked to drop this video with clips I’ve been stacking, no pun intended, for a few years now. Also a huge thank you to everyone who held a camera for this one!! Hope you enjoy and if you’d like to hear more of where this came from check out the interview with Larry on my channel!” – Brant Moore

Filming – Victoria Skinner, Charlie Crumlish, Steven Hamilton, Brian Horecky, Trevor Watring, Cody Chitwood, Jersey Drew, Marcus Rodriguez, Alex From Buffalo

With my welcome video dropping today over on the Stacked BMX youtube channel, I wanted to do something special on my channel as well. So why not do the first rider to sponsor welcome interview! haha In all seriousness, There is so much more meaning in here than could ever be in a riding edit and I am so psyched to be involved with Larry and Stacked!! As you can see in this interview Larry puts his entire soul into everything he does and to have him want to support what I am doing with Stacked means so much, especially after hearing more about the why in here.
I sincerely hope you enjoy this, and I think you guys will all be on board with Larry & Stacked BMX Shop as well after this one!!!

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