Shadow X Subrosa – Artem Agarkov “In the meantime In Russia”

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Subrosa Brand and The Shadow Conspiracy coming through with a fresh one featuring their Russian connect Artem Agarkov going to work on spots over in Russia! No ledge, rail or stairset was safe for this one with plenty of grinds, nose balance, huge 360’s, jibs and more! Take a look at what Artem threw down!

With a break in contests over the last year Subrosa rider Artem Agarkov took his skills to the streets of Russia and put in work!

Artem kills it whatever he rides, and in this video he rides a mix of amazing big spots, and gets creative on some smaller set ups. He even shreds a giant asphalt box jump!

Artem is repping Subrosa, The Shadow Conspiracy, and the all new Skeleton Distro in Russia.

Filmers –
Dmitry Linkov
Klim Budanov
Ilya Suprun

Dmitry Linkov” – Subrosa Brand

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