Profile Racing – Eye Two Seven 5

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The Profile Racing team loaded up for a trip bouncing around Florida to ride different parks, street spots and backyard ramps. Here’s a 4 minute video giving us a look at what they got into along the way! Needless to say, it looks like these guys had a real good time despite some unpredictable weather!

Eye two seven five is the interstate artery that runs through Tampa Bay connecting Tampa, St. Pete, and Clearwater. In hindsight, this interstate happened to be the thoroughfare that took us to every spot over the course of 5 days in February, 2021.

Considering Covid restrictions, the crew drove into town, camped in our friend’s backyard, and did their best to navigate the unpredictable Florida winter. From 80 to 40 degrees, from clear, scorching skies, to 3 days of monsoon rains.

Clips of Dan Conway, Shane Leeper, Dillon Leeper, Alex Tate, Dre Tylee, Dylan Kakowski, Lucas Porzio and Chad Degroot. – Matt Coplon

Filmed by Matt Coplon and the crew.
Edited by Matt Coplon.

Housing by Karen Kessel.
Music (with permission): “Boeing” by Majority Rule” – DIG

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