Pravda – South Journey 2021

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The PRAVDA crew loaded up earlier this year for a road trip hitting spots from Russia to the Black Sea. These guys hit a ton of spots, stacked a ton of dialed clips, and had a good time all along the way. Check out what they got into from start to finish in this video!

Join the Russian BMX crew PRAVDA on their road trip to the Black sea. There’s so much good stuff throughout this! See the full story and photos from the trip, and find out more about PRAVDA and the great stuff they’ve been doing for their scene here.

Pavel Sitko (@pashuley)
Oleg Kompaniets (@komp_oleg)
Ilya Usoltsev (@i_usolcev)
Anton Shebeko (@shebeko_anton)
Alexei Raizman (@yak.zzz)
Sergey Plaxienko (@sergey_px)” – DIG

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