Pirelli SmarTUBE rolls out extremely light-weight bolstered innertubes for highway, gravel & MTB

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Pirelli have released a new line of ultra lightweight innertubes for road, gravel and MTB clincher tires. The new Pirelli SmarTUBEs swap out standard butyl for a new thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), the lighter and and stronger option. The brand claim their P ZERO SmarTUBE for road, Cintauro SmarTUBE for Gravel and Scorpion SmarTUBE for MTB save up to 70% on weight and 50% on space with their ultra compact design. Here’s more.

Pirelli SmarTUBE

pirelli smartube ultra lightweight puncture resistant innertubes tpu compact size

The new Pirelli SmarTUBE line came about following the development of their World Tour tubular, the P ZERO Race Tub SL, which runs a SmarTUBE inside. Just like the lightweight innertubes offered by Tubolito and Schwalbe, the new SmarTUBE innertubes for clincher tires are composed of TPU plastic.

pirelli smartube small packable compact tpu innertube yellow

They can save up to 70% on weight as compared to some already lightweight latex options, and TPU has better air retention properties. For those concerned with their wheels’ rotating mass, these could be a very attractive option. The TPU also offers twice the puncture protection over a standard butyl tube.

pirelli p zero smartube tpu innertube road clincher tires 700c
The Pirelli P ZERO and Cinturato SmarTUBEs are permitted for use with both rim brakes and disc brakes

There are three options available, specified to fit road, gravel and mountain bike tires. The Pirelli P ZERO SmarTUBE covers road applications for 700c wheels running 23c to 32c clincher tires. With a 60mm Presta valve with glued core, this one weighs in at a svelte 35g. 

pirelli cintaurato smartube gravel innertube tpu elastomer

The Cintaurato SmarTUBE for gravel is available in four options, covering both 650b and 700c wheel sizes with heavier reinforced options too. The 650b version is not reinforced; it weighs a claimed 45g and is specified for use with 40c to 45c tires. The non-reinforced 700c option weighs a claimed 49g and is recommended for use with 33c to 45c tires.

Pirelli offer two reinforced versions of the 700c Cintaurato SmarTUBE. The 28c to 35c option runs a 60mm Presta valve and weighs a claimed 70g. The fatter option for 35c to 45c tires runs a shorter 42mm Presta valve and weighs a claimed 110g.

pirelli scorpion smartubemtb for mountain bike tires
The Pirelli Scorpion SmarTUBE for mountain bike tires not recommended for use with rim brakes

Finally, we have the Pirelli Scorpion SmarTUBE, named after their line of gravity tires developed with Fabien Barel. There’s a 29″ and 27.5″ option for tires up to 2.6″ wide, weighing 100g and 95g, respectively. There’s also a narrower 29″ XC option (1.8″ to 2.2″) weighing a claimed 75g. All run 42mm Presta valves.

Pricing & Availability

pirelli smart tube innertubes p zero road scoprion mtb cinturato gravelAll options of the new Pirelli SmarTUBE innertubes for clincher tires retail at $36.90 USD and are available now.


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