Menorca “La Isla Bonita”

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Mati Lagoity and crew took a trip over to Menorca to spend some time cruising the street spots and skatepark, along with having some fun! Hit play to check out what they got into!

We took a boat to Menorca to visit Jaume Sintes and his family. After a week filming riding and exploring the island this video went out super naturally and show a little bit of how we enjoy this trip.
Keep riding bikes and have fun!

Starring: Miki Fleck Da Silva, Jaume Sintes, Santiago Arano, Mati Lasgoity.

Video filmed and Edited by Santiago Arano & Jaume Sintes

Madona – La Isla Bonita
B roll
Anna – Bando
Jjos – Menorca Island” –

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