Matt Nordstrom Anodize Blue Hazard Lite Wheels Promo

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Odyssey released this short but sweet promo video featuring Matt Nordstrom putting the new limited edition Anodize Blue Hazard Lite wheels to work out in the streets. This is mostly just clips of Matt absolutely crushing it, so even if you don’t need new wheels, this is well worth a look! Take a look!

New limited edition Anodized Blue stock wheels available now in BMX shops worldwide. Find our classic Hazard Lite rim laced to either a Vandero Pro front hub, Antigram V2 cassette, and RHD or LHD Clutch V2 Freecoaster. Throw ’em on and start ripping, like Matt Nordstrom did.

Anodized Blue Hazard Lite rims also available.


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