Marcel Gans Misplaced ‘N Discovered

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Freedom BMX released this fresh edit featuring Colony‘s German connect Marcel Gans throwing down on a bunch of parks. This footage spans the past few years and is a real solid watch from start to finish. Marcel brings a good mix of tricks, speed and style to the table. Take a look!

Marcel Gans’ motto in life is clearly visible on his helmet: Have fun, ride bikes! In addition, there should actually be another sticker with only one word on it: BALLERS! The German Colony driver is a fan of high speeds, which in turn entails a lot of airtime, as you can see in his new video. Alone the sentence about the hip in the bowl of the Cologne North Brigade at 1:58. Boy, boy, boy!

It doesn’t matter that most of the photos were taken three to four years ago, because good BMX riding is and will remain timeless. It is a pity, however, that some clips have been lost over time for various reasons. Well, VX Life is not always easy.

Fortunately, some of the material was saved and / or found. At this point, thanks go to David Schaller and Felix Prangenberg. But the best thing to do is take a look at the whole thing for yourself. We are definitely excited and are already looking forward to the next two video projects from Marcel, which should drop this year. YEWW!

Camera: Felix Prangenberg
Editor: Marcel Gans” – Freedom BMX

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