LUX BMX Recreation of BIKE

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Lux BMX teamed up with Boyd Hilder to throw a Game of BIKE on their backyard ramp. Here’s the first game they released featuring Alex Hiam going up against his boss man at Colony Clint Millar! You better believe this game got pretty wild since Clint has a SUPER deep bag of tricks, and Alex is an absolute machine! Check out what they threw down and who took the win!

The first official LUXBMX game of BIKE kicked off on the backyard ramp hosted by Boyd Hilder and Troy Charlesworth. Featuring some of the best riders from around SEQ, it was an epic day with plenty of hammers!
Game 2 features Alex Hiam and Clint Millar battling it out for the $500 first prize.
Sponsored by Young Henrys and Vans .

Film/edit: Tim Storey & Mitch Wood
Additional film: Nick Maddocks”

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