Lux BMX – Employees Periods: Brock Olive At Bundanba Skatepark

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Vans Dak Slip On BMX 750

You can always count on Brock Oive to deliver with some great riding! Here’s a new one Lux BMX uploaded from a productive session Brock got in at the Bundanba Park. It looks like Brock put the whole park to good use with a some good mix of tricks making for some great lines and combos. Check out what he threw down!

Originally the suburb was named Bundanba, it is believed to have derived from the Aboriginal words ‘bundan’ and ‘ba’, meaning a stone axe and place of. Others know this as Brock Olives stomping ground where he honed in his skills and became the machine on a bike that he is today.
Brock headed there one Wednesday afternoon for a session!

Filmed/edited Tim Storey” – Lux BMX

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