Kink BMX 2022 Full Bikes Out Now

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Kink BMX 2022 Complete Bikes

This past year has been a crazy one with getting your hands on a bike thanks to production and logistical nightmares caused by COVID. Fortunately, it looks like things are starting to get a little bit more on track, and Kink have released their new 2022 Complete Bikes that are on their way to their dealers right now! They will only be offering the bikes through shops and mail-orders, so if you’re trying to get your hands on one you’ll want to find your closest Kink dealer or online shop like Source BMX that will be receiving some of the bikes!

Get a look at the full like of Kink 2022 complete bikes over on their website now!

Kink BMX is proud to officially welcome the 2022 Model Year Bike Collection! BMX and Bicycle retailers worldwide are stocked up on the new collection or will be receiving stock very soon. We will not have stock of bikes directly as they are only available through official Kink BMX dealers this year. We highly recommend getting in contact with your local or preferred BMX retailer to find out when and what they have coming, and to participate on pre-orders if possible.

Hit up to view the entire new collection, specs, details and more!” – Kink

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