Jaden Chipman – Isolation

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Kink BMX Contender II

Jaden Chipman has been staying busy on his bike over the past year despite everything going on, and it looks like he has been unleashing his deep bag of tricks at Joyride150 up on Canada every chance he got! Hit play to check out just shy of 3 minutes of pure bangers. This one does not disappoint!

Jaden and I are so stoked to share this video with you… FINALLY! We started filming this before COVID struck and were forced to stop production. With the help of Joyride 150, as soon as we were able to ride, they were grateful enough to let us come shoot. As many riders were forced to stay isolated during the regular season, Jaden was fortunate enough to have Joyride to train. (Following COVID guidelines)

Please enjoy!” – Broderick Horne

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