How To Take away Anodizing and Polish an Aluminum Hub

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Want to learn how to remove anodizing and polish an aluminum hub or really any BMX part that’s aluminum?

Brant Moore is constantly putting out videos and this new one might just be for a few people thinking about changing up the colors of their bike. If you have an anodized part or parts that you aren’t really feeling the color anymore, and would be into doing the always classic polished look, this video would be for you. Brant shows you how he stripped the black anodizing off his front hub, and the process it took to get it shiny and looking really good. It took a good amount of work, but this video will likely show you any mistakes that could slow you down, and really help you streamline the process. So, if you want to go from colored to polished, this is for you!

From anodized black to polished aluminum in just 6 hours! haha
Learning how to remove anodizing and then how to polish aluminum all in one day on a part that will go on my new bmx bike was so rewarding in the end! Seeing the finished product was just awesome.

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If you intend on removing anodizing, I would do some research into a different or better method that could be a bit faster than the 2-3 hours it took with draino drain cleaner.’

But as far as polishing goes, mothers mag and aluminum polish with a microfiber rag are the way to go! They brought a mirror finish to the aluminum and using a drill to spin the hub made light work of it.
Hope you enjoy this one! From the actual process itself to editing the video, I am proud of all of it!!”

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