High 5 Elements That Modified BMX Eternally

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Over the years we’ve seen A LOT of changes in BMX bikes from design to materials, and in that time there’s been a lot of innovation. Here’s an interesting video Dan’s Comp put together discussing, in their opinion, the Top 5 Parts that changed BMX forever. This list is pretty solid, but there’s definitely a TON of parts and design changes that happened that aren’t mentioned. Let us know which one you think should be on the list in the comments below!

New parts in BMX come and go, fads change and technology changes, but some things are here to stay. Long time Dan’s Comp employee/rider, Mike, breaks down his Top 5 game changing BMX parts. Are these the best parts to in BMX? Maybe, maybe not. Let us know in the comments section what your Top 5 would be?

Featured riders:
Mike Barrow – @mikey_likes_bikes
Derek Embry – @derekembry
Mykel Axton – @kiillakell
Deegan Boone – @beegan_doone” – Dan’s Comp

Check out the full Bruce Crisman Facad section here

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