GT – 2021 Life+Type Line

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Thinking abut picking up a bigger bike for cruising, but you are scared you’ll get a little wild on it and break the thing in half? If you have rode BMX long enough, that’s an actual concern since the urge to hop curbs and ride like you’re on a BMX bike always transfers to bigger bikes. GT Bicycles have releasd their new 2021 Life + Style bikes which are meant for cruising, but have been beefed up a bit to allow you to get rough with it. There are two bikes; regular and electric, and based on the promo (Stoked on the Kevin Porter cameo) it looks like these bikes can get loose. Take a look!

We set out on a mission to blend BMX style and durability with urban usability to develop a range of bikes that are perfect for anyone wanting a solid ride for cruising, commuting, sending or socializing… and to look good while doing it!

Filmed/Edited: Ryan Fudger” – GT Bicycles

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