Federal Bikes – Brian Tunney “Trafaelio” Part (2004)

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Oh yeah! Here’s a throwback for your viewing pleasure. Brian Tunney uploaded his old section from the Federal Bikes “Trafaelio” video that came out back in 2004! This is a mix of flatland, street and park clips where Brian mixes the styles all together for a bunch of great riding. It’s pretty wild to think this video part is already 17 years old! Take a look, because this is a real good watch!

In 2004, Federal Bikes released their first full-length video, ‘Trafaelio’ and for some odd reason, I ended up filming a full part for it. The other day, I was rooting around the garage and I stumbled across it and gave it a watch and still like it enough that I digitized it and am releasing it here. Run-on sentence much? Me too. Anyway, it’s a nice trip down memory lane from the before times, when you had to wait weeks or months at a time to see what was happening in BMX around the world. I’m not knocking instant gratification; this is just a hat tip to simpler times. Thanks to everyone at Federal Bikes and Seventies Distribution for making this video happen, and to Ted Leo for the song. And eternal gratitude to Paul Buchanan for getting in the van and driving all over the place with us in Vancouver. Rest in peace.” – Brian Tunney

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