Dan’s Comp – Full BMX Bike Consumers Information

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Here’s a real solid BMX bike buyers guide!

Dan’s Comp coming through with a complete BMX bike buyers guide with a ton of tips and insights on what kind of bike you should get, along with sizing from 12″ up to 29″ cruisers, pricing, materials and more. This is a great guide if you’re just getting into BMX and don’t quite know where to start! Hit play and take it all in. This will help get you on your way to buying a complete BMX bike!

What is the best BMX bike? Well, that depends on your size and what you want to do! With a little help from this video, you’ll learn what BMX complete bike will work best for you and your riding style. From freestyle bikes, to race bikes and cruisers, we hit it all.

Riders Featured:
Jake Walz – @Jakeewalzz
Jake Peebles – @Jakepeebles916
Trey Turner – @Trey_bikes
Austin Zentmyer – @austinzentmyer
Mike Barrow – @mikey_likes_bikes
Culligan twins
Special Thanks: Scott Towne
Additional Filming: Forrest Hawk” – Dan’s Comp

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