Chuck Covey & Mason White At The Nowear Compound

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Vans Dak Slip On BMX 750

Nowear BMX sent through a fresh video featuring Chuck Covey and Mason White throwing down on their indoor park! They threw in a new hitching post setup that also lead to some wild clips! Check out what went down, because both of these guys deliver with some great riding!

Chuck Covey & Mason White spent a few days filming at The Nowear Compound’s new indoor park.
2 minutes of 2 dudes that enjoy very moment pedaling around!
Both rider bring a unique style to the table and the edit banger is a jaw dropper!
When Chucky suggested doing a nose bonk front flip we all thought it sounded a little crazy! But, in true Chucky fashion he came through and pulled it off, another trick can now be scratched off his insane bucket list.

Nowear’s park is open year round and free to the public. Message us anytime to for open session hours or to book a private time.
Music: The Killigan’s
Edited: Mason White
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Instagram & Facebook @nowearbmx” – Nowear BMX

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