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Here it is! The other day a business for sale listing that strangely described S&M Bikes very clearly. Needless to say, A LOT o people freaked out and it lead to a lot of questions. Fortunately, Chris Moeller was up for sitting down on an interview with Ryan Fudger and Dennis Enarson on the Unclicked Podcast to clear up everything, along with his story from how he got into BMX all the way through what he has going on these days and more! Really stoked to know Chris isn’t retiring, but just wants to make S&M, Fit, the Building and everything bigger and better! Hit play and check it out (Full list of the interview topics below)!

Where to start… First off, I consider Chris Moeller to be one of, if not the smartest people in BMX. In addition, he’s definitively the most intimidating. He’s sharp as a knife, has a historian-esque knowledge of all things BMX, and he’s not afraid to tell you the truth. That’s the makings of a damn good podcast in general, but with the recent—and unexpected—rumors flying around about S&M and Fit being up for sale, we pushed up his podcast to make it happen.

0:00 – Origin story / get some traction coffee
10:01 – Magazine ads turned into physical fights
16:30 – Meeting the owner of GT Bikes
31:20 – “this is where all the stars align for me”’
40:20 – Beginning of S&M
1:05:10 – The amazing backstory of “The Building”
1:17:50 – “I didn’t have a lot of talent, but I worked my ass off.”
1:26:12 – What happened with Brad Simms
1:40:20 – Conspiracy theory: Moeller is part owner of Cult
2:00:33 – “Revenue wise, those were the best years”
2:07:25 – Who’s been the biggest pain in the ass to sponsor?
2:11:40 – “I don’t want my riders risking their life”
2:22:48 – Soooo…is S&M for sale?
2:50:10 – How has Covid affected business?
3:03:30 – Is “Made In The USA” still a selling point?
3:13:50 – Why did Chris fight the guy on our logo?” – Our BMX

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