BMX Information 5/21/21

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It’s Friday and it’s been a real wild week with some news that had everyone wondering what the hell is going on, along with some great videos, new products and more! As always, Brant Moore has a fresh episode of BMX News giving you a full recap with insights and more! Check out what Brant had to say up top, then check out everything discussed in full down below!

Unclicked Podcast With Chris Moeller

S&M Bikes For Sale?! Not Clickbait –
BMX Union

USL BMX Blow Up The Streets 2021 Trailer

Kole Voelker Welcome To Shadow / Subrosa


Aryei Levenson 2021 S&M Video

Animal – Latane Coghill 2021 Raw Street Riding

Dead Leisure – Conjure Thee

The Dream Home Setup – Sem Kok

Harry Barrett & Michael Attewell In London S&M

Martin Ochoa – Welcome To Animal Pro

Secret Spots With Matthias Dandois

Lux Game Of Bike Alex Hiam vs Sean Gardner vs Lachlan Kirkwood

Volume San Francisco Game Of Bike


Shadow Conspiracy Spring 2021 Apparel

Subrosa Spring 2021 Apparel


Fit Caught Up With Damian Cespedes

Mike Varga Titanium Bike Check

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