BMX Information 4/23/21

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Another week has flown by, and now that it is Friday, that means that it’s time for Brant Moore to round up the best BMX videos, news, products and more from the past week and put it all in one place for this new episode of BMX News! As always, Brant gives you the full recap in his video up top, then you can find everything he talks about in full down below! Get caught up!

Audio only BMX News –​

Unclicked Podcast – Ryan Nyquist​

Dylan Stark – Real Heat 2021​

Brakeless TV 420 Trail Jam​


BSD – Dan Paley VX Rated Extras​

Peraza En BCN​

LUX BMX Game Of Bike – Alex Hiam Vs Clint Millar​

Dakota Bratt Spring 21​

Andrew Schubert “Spyglass” Part​

Vans MASH Transition​

PALS ETC – A Denvercentric AANGLES Tangent​


Subrosa Matt Ray MR2 Frame

How BMX Stems Are Made​


Mike Spinner Discusses BMX’s First Ever 1080 From Vital​

Simple Session Interview

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