BMX Information 4/2/21

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It’s Friday and that means that it is time for Brant Moore to give you the recap on the biggest news, best videos and new products in a fresh episode of BMX News. This one puts a lot of focus on Corey Walsh‘s news, then he quickly rolls through the other news. As always, you can find everything he discusses in full below!

Corey Walsh Comes Out

I just want to make a note here that I fully recognize that talking about something that has to do with someone’s personal life is a serious matter. I really tried my best to cover this in a thoughtful way that is also productive. I would never want something like this to come off as clickbait, hence the title being a serious statement. I hope it comes across this way.” – Brant Moore

Brakeless TV King Of The Jib​

Joe Battaglia On Colony Pro


Cult – Brandon Begin​

Chucky Covey & Mason White Nowear Compound​

AANGLES – Slow Leak​

WorkBMX – Chase Bucci 2021​

USLBMX – Kevin Peraza BMX Dice​

Animal Spring 2021 Promo​

Deadseas – Let Me Know​


ARESBIKES – 18” Complete Bike​

Subrosa Drip Teal Colorway

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