Bizarre & Revered – Low Warmth Mixtape

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The Weird & Revered squad always deliver when they have a new video to check out. Here’s a fresh batch of clips they’ve been stacking during street and park sessions up in Canada! There’s a ton of different styles, tricks and setups in this, making for a real good watch from start to finish. Check it out!

Canada’s Weird & Revered crew are back at it with another mixtape. Since the release of their DVD, “Vagabond Squad,” the boys have slowly been chipping away at their next full-length BMX project. Justin Schwanke decided to start the filtering process and has chopped up 9 minutes of footage that won’t make the cut for that next DVD (no deadline yet in place). We present to you, the “Low Heat Mixtape.”

Riders (in order of appearance): Tyler Horness, Kostya Chimkovitch, Thomas Henderson, Logan Kirzinger, Jesse Baraniuk, Cary Lorenz, Derek Bolz, Justin Schwanke, George Brunin, Slade Scherer, Andrew MacLeod, and Mark Stanway

Locations: Alberta and British Columbia (Canada), Oregon and Nevada (USA), Belarus” – DIG

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