Animal Bikes – Spring 2021 Promo

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Vans Dak Slip On BMX 750

Animal Bikes coming through with some fresh heat from the squad for your viewing pleasure! This mix is packed with dialed riding on a ton of different spots, keeping things real interesting from start to finish. They’ve also announced that they have added Adem Gunaydin to the squad! Hit play if you’re looking for a dialed edit from the streets!

Nick Bonnell
Mad Mike Guth
Harrison Acari
Agustin Gutierrez
Latane Coghill
Chris Silva
Nick Seabasty
Steven Hamilton
George Duran
Martin Ochoa
Ryan Howard
And introducing to the Squad, Adem Gunaydin.
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Ryan Howard

Additional filming:
Greg Moliterno
Zack Gerber
Nick Seabasty

Badmon Tings
Meyhem Lauren Feat. Big Body Bes
” – Animal Bikes

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