Animal Bikes – Martin Ochoa Welcome To PRO

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Animal Bikes have given Martin Ochoa the well deserved bump up to the Pro team after being apart of the squad for 15 years! Martin has been slaying street spots for a long time now, and he’s not slowing down. Check out this welcome to Pro video packed with grinds!

Obscure spot hunter a grinder of all shapes and sizes, Martin Ochoa is now Pro for Animal Bikes! We’ve been hooked on Martin’s instagram posts over the past few years and now we’ve got a full part to celebrate his bump up. This is chock full of goodies.” – DIG

Martin has been in the streets full time since he started riding. He has been repping for animal for over 15 years and this is long overdue. So, without further ado here is Animal Bikes newest pro Martin Ochoa doing his thing crushing the streets of NYC” – Ralph Sinisi / Animal Bikes

Filmed by Ryan Howard
Music: Herb McGruff – I keep my palm on the handle

Video by Ryan Howard
Photography by Greg Moliterno

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