Aenomaly Constructs announce pre-order for Switchgrade saddle angle alter

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After teasing the first shots of this saddle angle adjusting component back in January, Aenomaly Constructs have refined the Switchgrade design, settling on three types that work with a variety of the most popular dropper seat posts on the market.

switchgrade saddle angle adjustment rail tilt aenomaly constructs

The Switchgrade allows riders to adjust their saddle angle on the fly, with the choice of three index-able positions separated by 10°. Now, it is available for pre-order with a reduced introductory price and a one-time chance to get your hands on custom colorway combinations.

Switchgrade Saddle Angle Adjustment

switchgrade orange saddle angle adjust on the fly
To read more about the Switchgrade and how it works, check out our earlier tech post

Aenomaly Constructs have been hard at work, refining the design of the Switchgrade to work with as many dropper seat posts as possible. A big challenge in the development of this multi-position saddle rail clamp was making it compatible with multiple dropper seat post designs, while also being small enough to fit underneath a typical bike saddle.

The engineers have finally come up with three subtly different designs, that are each compatible with different fixed and dropper seatposts:

  • Type 1: OneUp V2, Fox Transfer (2019), PNW Loam
  • Type 2: RockShox Reverb Stealth, X Fusion Manic, SDG Tellis
  • Type 3: Fox Transfer (2021) featuring unique barrel nuts
switchgrade with oneup v2 dropper post
 Switchgrade will add around 5-10mm of stack height to your post

The list is, of course, far from exhaustive. Aenomaly Constructs ultimately suggest riders take responsibility for deciding which one will fit their specific setup. That said, there is an ever-growing list of compatible seat posts on their website that can be used as a point of reference.

Pricing & Availability

switchgrade saddle adjust component colorways
SwitchGrade is designed to work with saddles featuring 7mm tubular rails only

Switchgrades are currently available for pre-order, with shipping estimated for 6-9 weeks. This first batch presents a unique opportunity to get your hands on a quasi-custom version with colour combinations which may not be offered in the future. Introductory pricing for Switchgrades is as follows:

  • 245 USD
  • 284 CAD
  • 170 GBP
  • 198 Euros
  • 310 AUD

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