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The Unclicked Podcast has been on fire lately. Here’s the latest where Aaron Ross, along with Brett Silva, sits down to talk about everything from riding and bikes to dealing with the crazy weather in Austin, Texas lately, traveling and more. As always, Aaron is super entertaining, and this is two hours that’s worth listening!

The mayor of Austin, master of all things colorful, and boss of all things fakie, Aaron Ross sits down for two solid hours of tangent-filled conversation.

0:00​ – Intro / polar apocalypse
8:05​ – USL blow up the streets
12:40​ – Aaron’s socialite tendencies
23:00​ – Game-changing video parts
32:00​ – Aaron’s dad invented jetski hovercraft things
38:10​ – FBM
39:30​ – 91,000 tweets / Overall success
48:30​ – Why did the color bikes stop?
53:50​ – Going to Japan and not eating rice
1:02:00​ – Riding ten years ago vs today
1:08:30​ – Not working in BMX
1:16:00​ – Hot Wheels/Mario Andretti/Lambos
1:28:20​ – Treating BMX as a job.
1:42:35​ – Burn Slow
1:51:10​ – Dennis tried to whip El Toro
1:56:05​ – What’s next?” – Our BMX

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