Aaron Ross Spring 2021 Video Bike Verify

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It’s been awesome seeing Aaron Ross‘ name popping up again after being a little low key over the past year due to the pandemic, having a new baby and all that. Sunday Bikes caught up with Aaron in Long Beach and took a closer look at his current setup that he’s running decked out with Sunday and Odyssey parts. The bike has some wear and tear, but it looks like a dialed unit to us! Hit play and take it all in!

Aaron Ross talks you through his current Sunday Nightshift decked out in Odyssey parts. Full parts list below.

If you dig the look of this bike, be sure to check out Aaron’s 2021 Forecaster complete.

Frame: Sunday Nightshift 21″
Fork: Odyssey R25
Handlebar: Odyssey BOSS V2
Stem: Odyssey BOSS V2
Headset: Odyssey Conical
Grips: Odyssey Keyboard V2
Seat: Odyssey Mexican Blanket
Seat Post: Odyssey Pivotal
Crank: Odyssey Thunderbolt, 175mm
Chainwheel: Odyssey Utility Pro
Chain: Odyssey Bluebird
Pedals: Odyssey Grandstand V2
Front Tire: Odyssey Ross V2
Front Hub: G-Sport Roloway
Rear Tire: Odyssey Ross V2
Rear Hub: Odyssey Clutch V2 Freecoaster
Rims: G-sport Rollcage
Pegs: Sunday Seeley PC, 4.5″
Brake: Odyssey Evo 2.5
Brake Pads: Ghost Pads – Clear
Brake Lever: Odyssey Monolever Small
Brake Cable: Odyssey Linear Slic – Sunday Bikes

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