Aaron Ross – Least Favourite / Most Favourite

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Over the years Aaron Ross has done a bunch of video parts, and all of them kicked a lot of ass. Here’s a video where he talks about his favorite video part, and his least favorite part. This takes a look at the parts, along with stories and insights from Aaron on what it took to get these parts done.

The basic concept here is that we’re going to sit down riders who have had a plethora of video parts and have them discuss their least favorite (not to be confused with not liking) and most favorite. Jog the ol’ memory box and talk about a different period of their life and what went into making those parts…

Next up, with one of the most colorful video part histories in BMX, the one and only, Aaron Ross. If you’d like to watch the parts he discusses without commentary, click below.

Empire – Chill Bro
etnies – Grounded
Empire – Bad Idea

And thanks to Nick Hayday at www.bmxmdb.com for the higher-res help!”

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