A Month In The Life Of Colony BMX (2007)

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The gems from Prody productions continue to flow! Here’s a look at what the original Colony team got into during a month long team trip in Australia and New Zealand. This video is just under 40 minutes of dialed riding and fun from a bunch of names we don’t see enough of or at all these days! After that, check out the bonus section from the DVD below!

Released in 2007 produced by Prody Productions & Colony BMX.

Join the Colony team on a month long journey while hitting up a few comps along the way. They travelled in Australia from Brisbane down to Sydney. Then over to New Zealand’s South Island & finishing up in Wellington New Zealand. Just basically living the BMX lifestyle… riding, chilling & having a good time.

Riders include; Ryan Guettler, Dave Freimuth, Pete Radivo, Kenny Raggett, Nick Richardson, Haimona Ngata, Clint Millar with special guest Dave Osato.

Edited by Clint Millar.” – Prody

Released in 2007 produced by Prody Productions & Colony BMX.

Bonus riding sections from the A Month In The Life Of DVD – Colony BMX.

Featured riders include: Liam Fahy-Hampton, Mick Bayzand, Matt King, Kenny Raggett, Nick Richardson, Beent Paulsen, Haimona Ngata, Pete Radivo, Tim Wood, Clint Millar, Toby Mathews & Ryan Guettler.

Edited by Clint Millar.“

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